Yogurt Benefits

We’ve all grown up eating yogurt and being told of the benefits of yogurt.  However, chances are that we were never the ones buying the best yogurt. As we grow up and learn how to do adult things which apparently include buying your own yogurt nutrition, you’re assailed by different brands and different types of yogurt.

You’ll probably come across something called Greek yogurt. That will start you on an entirely new train of thought. Was this yogurt manufactured in Greece? Why would they call it Greek yogurt? Are the health benefits of yogurt different when it comes to Greek Yogurt?

Benefits of Yogurt

Yogurt Benefits

The benefits of Greek yogurt and Plain yogurt are a little complicated. Yogurt is yogurt so the health benefits of yogurt will not vary when it comes to this particular type. However, the yogurt nutrition benefits will vary.

Greek best yogurt is said to have twice the amount of protein that plain yogurt harbors. This high level of protein content makes Greek yogurt preferred by weight watchers because it helps ward off hunger.

 The difference between Greek Yogurt benefits and Plain Yogurt do not end here. When it comes to carbohydrates content, Greek yogurt has considerably fewer carbohydrates than plain yogurt and this is advantageous for diabetics whose carbohydrate intake is limited.

Yogurt Benefits

Greek yogurt nutrition benefits also have lower sodium content and unless you are referring to the not fat Greek yogurt, then its saturated fat content is three times that of Plain Yogurt.

Benefits Healthiest Yogurt

One of the basic differences between Greek yogurt benefits and Plain yogurt is how many times it is strained to remove the liquid whey and lactose. You will find Greek benefits of yogurt to have a thicker consistency when plain yogurt and the previously listed reason refer to the why of it.

Yogurt Benefits

A very amazing benefit of Greek yogurt has very thick consistency and tastes a bit tangier, it is often used in place of mayonnaise or sour cream. It is the much healthier substitute and at times tastes better too.

The calorie content between the two types of yogurt nutrition does not differ all that much. It amounts to around the same figure. It is the nutrition which defines the differences between the two. Generally, people who go for a healthy lifestyle prefer Greek yogurt over the plain or regular one because they feel that it offers them more benefits.

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