Benefits of Low Fat Yogurt

Entering a store, when you go on a search for yogurt, you need to take step back when you are hit by the wide assortment of yogurts available in the store benefits of greek yogurt. You will come across different types, and various brands and that is a cause for confusion because obviously you want the one which is the best one and you don’t know which one that would be. There many benefits of yogurt and you want to get the one with the maximum effect.

benefits of greek yogurt

Yogurts come in different types. Some will be labeled as fat free or low fat, whilst others will be labeled as being 0 percent, 2 percent or organic even. The list is long. If you are watching your weight and want to consume as few calories as possible, your eye would automatically turn towards the benefits of greek yogurt or the no fat yogurt. Keeping the low fat yogurt in mind, the benefits of yogurt of this class are endless.

One of the main reasons low fat yogurt is recommended for weight watchers is that it contains certain probiotics that encourage weight loss and help in maintaining the weight once you’ve lost those pounds. Weight loss is amongst the known benefits of yogurt. These probiotics also are known for replenishing the bacterial flora after you’ve consumed too much of antibiotics and promotes regularity.

The benefits of greek yogurt also reach out to your immunity system. Your immunity is also enhanced by these bacteria. We’ve grown up eating yogurt. Our mothers would tell us that it is good for us, for our health and for our body. We are told of the benefits of yogurt from a young age. So we would eat different kinds of yogurt, the fruity kinds, and the plain yogurt mixed with sugar, you name it. At that point in time, we were not aware of why exactly it was so beneficial for us. All the benefits of plain yogurt are enhanced in the benefits of low fat yogurt.

benefits of greek yogurt

Low fat yogurt has an abundance of calcium and we all know how necessary calcium is for us. It helps to build healthy bones and teeth and is also known for promoting low body fat percentages.  Low fat yogurt is made up of either low fat milk or skim milk and contains about 150 calories per cup, varying slightly according to brand.

Low fat yogurt is classified as a healthy food item because of the numerous benefits of low fat yogurt and for all of us who dislike eating yogurt and yet want to attain the benefits attached to it, we simply put the yogurt in a blender, pop in some fruit and skim milk and give it a whir.